Product Examples

So you have decided that it’s time to improve the exterior appearance of your home by exploring the option of paving. Now all you need to do, aside from selecting a good and reputable hardscape contractor such as the ones at North County Pavers, is to figure out the paver patterns and paver stones that you like, and that you feel matches your own personal style while making your house look great. That being said paving comes in many different styles colors and shapes and we will take you to “The Yard” and you can select the style that fits your needs. In fact because of the many paving designs available, your only limit is your imagination.

top view of stone path in garden after rain

Paver Patterns



is one of the most straightforward paver patterns out there today. This design is done by laying blocks across the ground and then accenting both sided with bricks oriented in the other direction. You will mostly find this design in short or narrow walkways because this particular design gives the illusion of a longer or wider path. Of course this will depend on the way that they bricks are laid.


Basket Weave

is also another commonly used pattern. This is primarily because of its simplicity and neatness. With this design you have the ability to use bright and dark bricks in order to prevent it from becoming monotonous.


Herringbone Pattern

is also an attractive choice for pathways because it places emphasizes on the road flow.

You can also get an attractive design by combining stretcher-header and a radial pattern with alternating circular/curving designs. This pattern works well for driveways, playgrounds and walkways.

Lastly, large paver patterns are also common in outdoor spaces because the paver stones look neat and simple.

In terms of shapes and colors there is literally no limit to what you can achieve. If you can dream it, it can happen. Whatever you want, we can achieve it. So if you need patio pavers, we got you covered. Need a driveway paver? We are on the job. Even if you’re looking for brick pavers we can do that too, no worries. Just let our paver stones expert know what your dream outdoor space should look like and we will make it happen.

You can trust us to make your dreams ROCK SOLID.